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Learning About Leather


Considering leather for a piece of furniture?  There are some things that you might want to know.  There are many different types of leather to choose from and each has distinct properties and price points.  To select a leather best suited to your taste and unique situation, simply refer to the information below.



The most preferable leather for upholstery is cowhide.  The texture, or hand, is soft, subtle and smooth.  Cowhide conforms beautifully to the shape of furniture and it is very comfortable to sit on.  Other types of animal hide tend to be stiff and coarse in grain.  This makes them unsuitable for upholstery purposes.


Leather occurs in layers.  The lowest grade is found at the bottom of the hide while the best and strongest grade of leather occurs at the top, next to the hair of the animal.  Don’t be confused, just think bottoms up.




Leather hides can be split into layers.  The lowest grade of leather is called Split Leather and it is found at the bottom of the hide closest to the flesh of the animal.  These leathers are weak and will not stand up well over time, especially in active households and commercial application.



The middle grade of leather is actually called Top Grain Leather.  It is the top layer that remains after a hide as been split.  Top Grain Leather is part of the hide.  Because it is the top, or the strongest part of the hide,  it has an increased resistance to staining, wear and tear.



The highest grade of leather is called Full Grain Leather.  In this case, the hide has not been split.  Because the fibers of the hide remain intact, Full Grain Leather retains its natural breathability.  It is both strong and subtle.  Full grain leather will not wear out.  Instead, it develops a natural patina over time with some cracking and splitting.  The finest pieces of furniture are made of Full Grain Leather.







The best of the best.  Aniline is a penetrating dye that entirely permeates the leather.  It provides overall color to the hide without covering up its natural markings.  Pure aniline dyed leather has a clear, protective  coating and no applied pigments or paints.  Only the best quality hides (5% of the world supply) are colored this way.  That explains the high prices. These leathers develop a rich patina as they age.



These leathers are also aniline dyed but they are processed a little more.  Spray pigments of color are applied to the tops of the hides to even out the finish and camouflage natural occurring imperfections.  These leathers are light and scratch resistant.  Roughly 10% to 15% of hides are semi aniline dyed.



Corrected-grain leather is any type of leather that has an artificially applied grain.  The imperfections are corrected and an artificial grain used.  These hides are inferior in quality.  Leather suppliers are very creative.  They have many ways to produce something that looks good from something that wasn’t so great in the first place.



So look before you leap into buying leather furniture.  Ask questions and remember—there’s a lot to learn!



new ciao studio leather

New Product NewsThe gorgeous new Andrew sofa has just arrived at Ciao Studio! Coupled with the wooden floor lamp (also available now), the deep chestnut leather looks especially inviting and will become a long-lasting feature in your living room or reading room.

Ciao Studio leather sofa

Ciao Studio leather sofa + wood floor lamp

Andrew sofa: 88″ x 38″ x 37″ (height), $1,499

Wood floor lamp: $625

If you’d like to learn more about these products or are interested in purchasing either item, please contact us today.

More Stanley Furniture pieces at Ciao Studio!

New Product NewsWe have even more great products from the Stanley Furniture Modern Craftsman collection right now at Ciao Studio! The most recent arrivals are the Colony Floating Drawer Desk in tobacco finish with a brown leather top, and the Stack Built Elevated Chest in Tobacco.

Stanley Furniture Colony Floating Drawer Desk – Ciao Studio

Desk: 64″w x 32″d x 30″ high, $1,480


Stanley Furniture Elevated Chest – Ciao Studio

Chest: 30″h x 23.5″w x 18″d, $730

If you’d like to learn more about this product or are interested in purchasing this item, please contact us today.

New at Ciao Interiors!

New Product NewsNew leather products are now available as part of Ciao Studio!  Here’s the Bennett Sofa also available as a loveseat, chair, or ottoman.


Leather Sofa in Ciao Interiors Showroom


Bennett sofa $1499
Loveseat  $1399
Chair  $1199
Ottoman  $499

Leather Sofa in Ciao Interiors Showroom


Brooklyn Sofa: $1399
Loveseat $1299
Chair $1099
Ottoman $449

Our leather products are part of the In-Stock Program – shipping time is as quick as two weeks!

If you’d like to learn more about these products or are interested in purchasing these items, please contact us today.

New Wedge Sofa (Blue Cheese and Bacon Not Included)

Can’t find that perfect sofa you’ve been searching for?  Well, look no further, because Lee Industries has something for everyone with their endless amount of styles and customizable options.  They offer a great selection of fabrics and leather, and you can personalize everything from the trim, finish, cushions, and even the size!


One of our favorites at Ciao’s, and new to the showroom, is this wedge sofa from Lee Industries.  It’s perfect for conversation with its slight curve, and can cozy up any room.  Shown here in a slipcover option for easy cleaning, but also available fully upholstered for a more tailored look.

Lee Wedge #2

You can order any of Lee’s pieces from Ciao Interiors!   Choose your favorite style, covering, size and contact us with the details!  Thanks for choosing Ciao Interiors!!

Upholstered Dining Chairs

A dining room does not need hard backed wooden chairs to evoke a strong, masculine feeling.  These rooms below, by Ciao Interiors, all show a rustic look using upholstered dining chairs.  All three rooms feature nailheads which are a great detail to add weight and strength to a chair.  The leather with nailhead is a great look in a dining room that is going for a masculine look, as are the muted, deep paisley prints in the second two images. The interesting shapes and unique inset (on the first image) make the chairs statement pieces in the room.