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Layers of Lighting

Successful lighting does not begin and end with one overhead light or just table lamps.  To create a room that uses lighting in a way that enhances your space, you must learn that layering is key.

  • Use a variety of fixtures all intended for different purposes.  Make sure each and every room has ambient, task, and accent lighting.  With the exception of extremely small spaces, such as a powder room, almost every room requires various lighting depending on the time of day and activity.
  • Vary the heights of lighting throughout the room.  Use floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, sconces, table lamps, accent lamps.  Place lighting on the side table, on the mantle, on shelves.  The more places that light is radiating from, the more interesting your room will appear.

Photo: My Home Ideas

  • Create shadows and drama.  Spotlight conversation areas while leaving others in the dark.  Use lighting to create mystery and romance in your room.
  • Illuminate bookcases, cabinetry, and molding with accent lighting.  Use a ceiling fixture to provide a more overall  lighting so that these areas can serve as an interesting side note that adds dimension and beauty to the room.
  • Use recessed lights in addition to a chandelier.  The chandelier will cast a soft glow while the recessed lights provide a functional lighting of the entire space.

Photo: My Home Ideas

  • Stick to 60 watt bulbs in your table lamps and floor lamps.  Anything higher is too bright and not flattering.  These light bulbs will create  a warm glow that makes your space inviting and cozy.
  • In your entry way, use a gorgeous pair of sconces but complement them with table lamps on a console.  The lamps will bring the light lower into the room to avoid casting a dark shadow on everything below the sconces.

Photo: My Home Ideas

  • Sconces are also functional in the dining room where they can light the areas of the room that are missed by the central light of a chandelier.

Lighting is an inexpensive way to completely makeover a room.  By adding layers of different kinds of lighting and various fixtures, you can create depth and interest in a room.