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Bold and Dramatic: Red Rooms

Red is a classic in interior design.  When you choose to paint your walls red, you are making a clear decision to make a statement.  That room becomes bold, dramatic, and meant to be noticed. So if you’re in the mood to stir up energy and emotion in a room, take a look at the photos below for inspiration.


White architectural molding around the windows is a nice contrast to the rich, cherry red of the room.  An oriental rug is traditional yet never outdated when paired with red walls.


The red wall takes on a literary appeal when used next to a map print wallpaper.


High shine lacquer, a crystal chandelier, shiny floors, and antique inspired furniture is endlessly glamorous.


Shades of yellow give red a warm, family appeal and make it suitable for the most conservative of homes.


White geometric accents and a bright red are the perfect welcoming committee in this foyer.


Ciao Interiors featured in Online Magazine

Ciao Interiors featured in and on the cover of Muses Magazine

November 2011

Photo: Ciao Interiors/Muses Magazine

Ciao Interiors was recently featured in the November issue of Muses Magazine.  In this issue, you will find photos and highlight’s from Ciao’s Lake House project along with an interview with Les Bernabi, Ciao Interiors Principal and Director of Design.

Native American Art Exhibit in Phoenix

During our vacation last week, Linda and I were excited to visit the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.  Every year the museum holds their popular Native American Art Exhibit where they feature Native American culture.  This exhibit in particular focuses on current Native American artists and craftsmen, featuring the work of over 700 artists.

Often, clients will ask where interior designers draw their inspiration.  Inspiration was in abundance at this exhibit.  The colors, patterns, and materials all contribute to future design ideas.

The work pictured below is called the “Indigenous Evolution” by Tony Jojola, and Isleta and Rosemary Lonewolf.  It is an art fence that references the land and culture of the Southwest using clay and glass in a stunning array of colors.  Seeing works like this is an inspiration to design with a bold use of color and texture.