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Dining Room Lighting Tips

Lighting the dining room can be a tricky task.  Often people put up a chandelier and assume their lighting work is done.  While a chandelier is a beautiful feature of most dining rooms, more is necessary to create the ambiance that one would want at the dinner table.   Follow these tips to create the perfect lighting combination for your dining room.

1.Hang the chandelier so that the bottom hits approximately 30 inches above your table.  Too low and it will interrupt conversation among your guests.  Too high and no one will appreciate it.  Install a dimmer if possible.  The light from a chandelier can mimic candlelight when dimmed.

2. Install sconces.  The light is subtle yet will keep the entire room well lit.  You want to avoid a table that is lit when the rest of the room is dark.  Sconces will stop this look from happening.

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: House Beautiful

3. Candlestick lamps on a sideboard also help light flow throughout the room while keeping the space from appearing too bright.  Hurricanes with tall candlesticks also can create this look.

4. Hang mirrors strategically in the room to keep the low light bouncing around the space.

5. Lastly, Never underestimate the effect of candles on the table.

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: House Beautiful


Flattering Lighting

This article on Flattering Lighting has great tips on how to make sure the lighting sets the intended mood and creates ambiance.


This mirrored lamp will reflect light around the room at eye level.

Some of the tips include:

1. Avoid harsh shadows and use soft light whenever possible  Harsh lighting and areas of high contrast are not friendly to faces.

2. Use the lowest wattage bulb possible, ideally with a blush tint.  The pale pink color is flattering for all skin tones.

3. Avoid bright white shades. Opt for opaque shades that will cast a softer glow or dark shades that will filter and cut down light.

4. Aim for several points of light around the room at eye level.  Above or below will create awkward and unflattering shadows.

0520winky-240x300Candlelight is the most flattering; this lamp creates the illusion of candlelight.