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New Showroom Arrivals

At Ciao Interiors we are always getting in new arrivals.  Check out some new pieces from Dovetail Furniture, Younger Furniture and Leather Living.  Contact us for pricing, details, size and color options.


Dovetail Furniture:

Founded in 1992 by Charlie Shaw and Ted Einstein, Dovetail has developed an expertise in sourcing an eclectic range of handmade furniture, accessories and textiles from around the world.

Dovetail Dining Tables and Chairs


Younger Furniture:

Younger Furniture has been providing style, quality and comfort since 1989.

Younger Sofa/Chaise


Leather Living:

Established in 1986, Leather Living is proud to rank among North America’s finest manufacturers of top quality upholstered furniture. With more than 50 years of leadership in fashion forward design inspirations, we continue our rich heritage of traditional European craftsmanship.

Leather Living Sofa

the keno brother’s collection, exclusive at ciao interiors

Theodore Alexander has collaborated with the famous Keno Brothers!  This team of twins have been searching for the perfect partner to collaborate with in bringing their dreams to reality, which is designing beautiful yet functional pieces with quality construction.  It was an easy decision after touring the factory, “Any company can make furniture, but Theodore Alexander pays attention to detail on everything…  It wasn’t machine stamped out pieces, each piece was hand cut – tools used in the 18th century- that’s what amazed us the most.”

Experts in antiques, Leigh and Leslie not only strive to create future heirlooms, but they want their furniture to help the consumer, make their lives easier, by creating multi-functional pieces.

The Skyscraper Showcase can be used to divide a room or to showcase objects (which ties in with our love of objects) or can be used back to back or against a wall.”

The Skyscraper Showcase

These exclusive Keno Brothers pieces are making their way in to our showroom.  Here is our favorite pick at Ciao’s!

Spanish Feet

Stop in our showroom so you can pick your favorite Keno Brother’s piece!

renew with re-upholstery!

Look at what wonders re-upholstering can do!  Re-upholstering is a great and inexpensive way to give any piece of furniture new life.  We took an otherwise ordinary bench in our showroom, and gave it some personality with this unique fabric!



Visit our showroom or contact us to view our HUGE selection of designer fabrics available for any re-upholstery project, large or small!

the perfect holiday present

For those last minute shoppers, stop by Ciao Interiors for the perfect holiday stocking stuffers…..antique Yastik Kilim Rugs!!!  These one of a kind antique rugs are the perfect gift, available in various sizes, colors, and price points!   There is a spot in every one’s home for these beautiful hand made rugs,  which make great table runners and wall hangings also.

Yastik Rugs: A Yastik is a small rug or bag used for sitting on or leaning against, and can also be a cover.  Sizes vary, but are usually 2′ wide and 3′ long.  These 2′ x 3′  wool Yastiks are just small fragments, originating from over one hundred year old antique rugs, cut and bound for you to enjoy in your home!

Yastik rugs – Ciao Interiors

2′ x 3′  Yastik rugs $195

Yastik rugs – Ciao Interiors

Turkish Kilim Rugs: These flat woven rugs have a rougher texture than the Yastik, and contain motifs/symbols that tell a story in their own cryptic language

Turkish Kilim Rugs – Ciao Interiors

Turkish Kilim Rugs – Ciao Interiors

Turkish Kilims

2′ x 3′  $49             3′ x 4′  $180

2’6 x 6′  $225        4′ x 6′  $360

5′ x 8′   $600

Rugs at Ciao Interiors