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A Warm Welcome

Brass is back!  If you are looking for a simple way to update the look of your home, try adding a little brass.  Nothing warms a room up like a touch of brass and it’s perfectly ok to mix it up with other metals.

Try brass on lighting fixtures.



Or the kitchen sink.




Brass is great for rims and trims.



Brass on the wall may be best of all.



Brass has a way of spreading a little cheer throughout the room.

How sweet it is.


Brass has been gone way too long.  So welcome back!

Simply Sweet


Want to keep some magic in your home all year long?


Try using Red & White.


The palette is brisk, refreshing, crisp and clean.



Don’t be afraid to call them in.


A little red and white go a long way.  See for yourself.  It’s a surefire way to brighten up any room!

The Green Room

Green is a calming color, perfect for any room in the home.  It is the color of health, renewal, and rebirth.  Depending on the hue, you can set it against white, black, or brown and have a crisp, contrasting look. Whether you choose a moss green or a bright spring green, green is a healing color that will leave you peacefully invigorated and refreshed.

Photo: Southern Living

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: Coastal Living

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: Real Simple

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: White House Museum

Photo: My Home Ideas

Photo: Martha Stewart Living


Creating A Water Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom uses more water and energy than almost any room in the house, besides the kitchen of course. Because it is such a large consumer of resources, it is one of the most important places in the home to focus on when going green. With a little research and effort, you can have a bathroom that is not only healthier for the environment, but healthier for you and your family as well.

Photo: Sunset Magazine

If your toilet was installed before 1994, it’s time to replace. Toilets made before the federal regulations put into place in that year use almost three times as much water as standard models today (5 gallons per flush compared to 1.6!) When you consider that toilets use roughly a quarter of the water use in your home, buying a low flow toilet is an important investment that will quickly pay for itself.

Your shower accounts for almost a fifth of the water usage in the home. A shower head designed to save water will cut your use by almost seventy percent without sacrificing the quality of your shower. Low flow models are available in most home improvement stores and comparable in price to your standard model.

You could also consider installing a low flow aerator on your faucet. When placed on each of the faucets in your home, this can reduce your household water consumption by up to 50 percent, also cutting down your energy bill as less water is heated.

Once you have installed low flow toilets, shower heads, and faucets, or decide to keep your old models, there are other tricks that you can use to further cut your water usage.

  • Install a shower head shutoff valve. This reduces water to a trickle while you are lathering to save gallons upon gallons of water. This is the same principle that you employ while turning off the water while brushing your teeth.
  • Place gravel or a 2 liter bottle into your toilet tank to displace water and reduce the amount that is used with each flush.
  • Check your tank for leaks. This is a major place for water loss in the bathroom.
  • Turn your hot water heater down to 120 degrees. Turning it down from the average 140 degrees will save 5 to 10 percent of the heater’s energy consumption

A little research and knowledge about the best ways to reduce the water consumption in your home will make an enormous difference in the efficiency and eco-friendly quality of your bathroom. Both your utility bill and the environment will thank you!  Next week, we’ll look at some of the other aspects of the bathroom that can go green.



Wonderful in Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the perfect remedy for the plain wall.  A stunning statement whether it is hung in a large or small space, wallpaper can look conservative and traditional or cool and contemporary.  Look for prints that are monochromatic or incorporate just two or three contrasting colors for a modern look.  Graphic, geometric prints are a bold, youthful look while more organic, floral designs are perfect for a classically elegant look.  While smaller repeats are often easier on the eye, a large scale mural wallpaper can be absolutely striking in the proper context.  Whether it is the dining room or the powder room, the living room or the foyer, wallpaper can make a fantastic impression in a room.

Photo: My Home Ideas

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: Elle Decor

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: My Home Ideas

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: House Beautiful


Paying Attention to Detail

When you are dealing with a small room such as a bathroom, the details are instrumental in creating the aesthetic of the room.  A pop of color, an interesting object, an unexpected piece can set the mood and bring style into a small space.  In the bathrooms below, we see several different methods of pulling a room together in the details.

Photo: Coastal Living

Photo: Coastal Living

This room is filled to the brim with fabulous details.  From a bold wallpaper to an ornate mirror to bright splashes of yellow, this room is not boring in the least.  The details create a room that is cheerful, exciting, and youthful.

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

A small detail such as  a seashell soap dish set against whites and pastels creates an ethereal, ocean inspired look with minimal effort.

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Instead of a typical towel rack, try a ladder.  This detail creates a country atmosphere, and when paired with a woven basket that houses hand towels, the look is complete.  The white accented with turquoise in the towels and in an unexpected spot such as the basket is a fresh look.

Photo: Southern Living

Photo: Southern Living

Don’t forget that the sink can be a spot for style!  This copper sink is a striking look and served as inspiration for the rest of the bathroom, from the walls to the mat to the towels and shower curtain.

Staying Organized

Are you trying to stay a little more organized this year?  Use the ideas below to incorporate creative and stylish organizational ideas into your own home.


Under the bed is a great place to store things as long as you keep it in order.  Rolling bins such as these are attractive and also functional.  They are easily accessible for reaching items in storage and can be moved for cleaning under the bed dust.


Install cubes on the wall in the bathroom for storage.  Towels and other bathroom supplies are within reach and take on a contemporary look.


For extra bathroom supplies that are not needed on a daily basis, install a hanging shelf above the door.  This creates an architectural look while adding several feet of extra storage.


A bench that opens is a spacious place for storing sports equipment, pet supplies, or toys.  When closed, no one would ever know how much is hiding beneath the seating.

Photos: Martha Stewart Living

Vintage Appeal: Beautiful Bath Tubs

For a touch of glamor and vintage appeal, update your bathroom with a free standing tub.  The images below show the varying looks that one can achieve by using a bath tub rather than just a shower.  A stand alone tub is a statement piece that will set the tone for the entire room.  From the country charm of a simple claw foot tub to the Victorian fancy of a more intricate cast iron piece to a contemporary metal look, these bathrooms owe their sophistication and style to these beautiful and functional bathtubs.