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Room Service

Can you imagine having room service at home?  Ciao Interiors offers a personalized online interior design with our very own “Room Service” menu.  Perhaps you need assistance with color selections for your living room or ideas for window treatments, but do not need the full services of a design firm.  Ciao Interiors has created an option for you that can provide interior design help in just one room or area of your home.  We call it “Room Service”.

When you order “Room Service” we can work with your ideas and needs to create the space you had envisioned.  Our various menu selections provide design ideas for any area of your home.

Menu Selections

  • Evaluation – Assessing existing furnishings to establish which pieces will be used or replaced
  • Layout – determining the most effective placement of furnishings.
  • Recommendations – regarding possible changes to existing furnishings
  • Purchases – assisting with appropriate choices of new furniture, rugs, lamps and window coverings


For a fee of only $125.00, a Ciao design consultant will work with you over the phone and online and based on your needs, your preferences and your life-style, our consultant will suggest solutions that can improve the look and function of your home.

Order “Room Service” by Ciao Interiors Today! Email us at myroom@ciaointeriors.com to get started.