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Bench Mark


Make your mark this holiday season and try a new approach to dining.



This new seating arrangement is actually centuries old, but benches are back baby, and you need to know why.



1. Guests come in all ages, shapes and sizes.  It’s thoughtful to offer them a variety of seating options.  guests.



2.   Pull that bench out and move it around the house.  It’s great for overflow seating before and after dinner.



3.  If your guests are not on the same page, try putting them on the same bench.  It has a way of leveling the playing field.



4. Your table will appear open, warm and relaxed – and so will you.  Highly accomplished hosts and hostesses spend years cultivating these traits.



So mix it up this holiday season.

Instead of surrounding your table with a set of matching chairs, try some bench seating.  It will give you, and your guests, some much needed breathing room!






One Response to “Bench Mark”

  1. Patrick Landrum Says:

    What a great post! I love banquette seating and have used it quite often in every style imaginable. It amazes me that clients are still surprised when I suggest it…but ultimately they love it. So versatile from a practical point, and in today’s multi-tasking spaces it’s perfect!

    Patrick Landrum
    PL&D/Patrick Landrum Design

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