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Suddenly Summer

Well now that the kids are out of school, you are going to need to moderate their activities and I have found the perfect solution. Remember the old screen door; turns out it’s back in style.  If you think screen doors are used mainly to keep insects out of the house, you are incorrect.  Screen doors are a brilliant invention and they’ve played an important role in the evolution of mankind.
Don’t believe me?  I’ll prove it!

First, go out and buy a screen door.  Next paint it in a shocker color (they have been forewarned) and have it installed. Yep, no doubt about it, this is going to be one of the best summers of your life.

Now peak outside and see if it’s raining.  If it’s not, tell the kids LOOKS LIKE ITS A GOOD DAY TO GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY.  Remember to take note of the whites of their eyes as they widen in shock and disbelief, that’s your cue to escort them out the door.  When they protest, assure them that you are serious as a heart attack and fall on the floor for all I care, but DO NOT GIVE IN!

Once they are out, keep them out by using the little latch that comes on the door.  You can monitor their activities and listen to what’s going on through the screen, but children need to be outside and learn to have fun on their own.  What happens if they don’t? They’ll come home after college and they’ll NEVER leave!

It’s the old screen door trick, and if our grandparents could do it, so can you!



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