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Coming Up Roses

Ok, this one is for all you non-gardeners.  (It’s also for the folks who were too darn busy to plant flowers in their gardens this past spring.)  Fortunately, Fermob (http://www.fermobusa.com/) has got you covered.  That cute little French company has come up with a line of outdoor furniture in eye-popping colors and it’s catching on like wild fire!

Plant a few of these pieces on your patio.  The colors are absolutely charming!  You’ll want to spend a lot of time outside where you can see them, and the fresh air is good for you remember?  You don’t have to water these petunias either.  If they do get wet so what, this stuff is tuff!

You’ll look like a master gardener without knowing the difference between an annual and a perennial.  (Fermob (http://www.fermobusa.com/) would be perennial plant.  It comes back every year.  Buy it once and you don’t have to replace it.) Your eyes are going to be happy with the colors that Fermob has created, but your nose will know that something is missing.

Now buy a couple of plants that are blooming with fragrant flowers.  Put them in pots and place them out on the patio.  It does not get any easier than this — I mean it!

Congratulate yourself for being so smart, then sit back and ENJOY!


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