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The Best Material for Your Kitchen Counter

Choosing a kitchen countertop material takes into account several factors including your lifestyle and cooking needs, durability, and appearance.  From natural stone to man made solid surfaces, there are a myriad of options to choose from and there is one that will be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

  • Natural Stone countertops are a durable, attractive option that has become increasingly popular in homes.  Granite is available in a wide variety of colors, ensuring that there is one that will coordinate with your kitchen color scheme.  It is necessary to seal granite every 10 to 15 years to prevent staining, and you must clean granite with a specially made stone cleaner.

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  • Plastic Laminate is a budget friendly countertop option that stands up the toughest of kitchens.  It is made of layers of recycled paper and resin placed between clear plastic and mounted onto fiberboard or plywood.  You can clean plastic laminate with most any household cleaner which makes it an easy to maintain option as well.

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  • Solid Surface countertops are man made materials that are made to resemble natural stone.  The advantage that these manufactured countertops have over real stone is their durability and resistance to damage.  Solid surfaces are not easily stained or scratched, and when they are, they are easy to repair by sanding or filling the offending area.  Almost any stone can be recreated in a manufactured surface, and the cost is similar to that of granite.

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There are also less commonly used countertop options that have their advantages, such as tile, wood, stainless steel or concrete.  These can make for a great look in a kitchen from the country to the contemporary, though each tends to be a little less family friendly.   Whether you choose a natural material or a manufactured material, there is sure to be a perfect countertop to meet your needs in function and style.


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