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Getting Your Child’s Room Under Control In Style

Children’s rooms are one of the  spaces in your home that you can go absolutely wild with color and design.  They are a wonderful space for whimsy and fun, however there is one large obstacle on the way to creating the perfect space for your child: disorganization.  Children and their toys, games, and other accoutrement are inherently messy, so it’s our job to come up with ways to organize the disorganization and make the space look stylish at the same time.



Use calming, soothing colors like the light blue above.  The less active the color in the room, perhaps the easier the child will relax in the evening and fall asleep.  Accent the relaxing color with bold primaries to keep it kid appropriate.


Make sure that all the storage bins coordinate.  Try an earthy wicker, painted wooden bins, or a durable plastic like the ones above.  These are an easy way to bring a sense of order to a child’s room.  Even if there is chaos within the bins, the outside appearance is one of harmony.  Storage can be incorporated almost anywhere.  Find a bed with room for storage bins or turn the bottom shelves of a bookcase into storage disguised by a curtain.  The more colorful and playful that the storage looks, the more likely your child is to look forward to cleaning up.



Photos: House to Home, Ruby Beets, Real Simple, Real Simple, House Beautiful

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