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Deciding on the Dining Room Table

Choosing a dining table can be one of the easiest steps in decorating your dining room or breakfast area.  It is a formula driven process that basically leads you straight to the right table!  Below are the tips and tricks that will guide you directly to the perfect dining table for your space.

Photo: Viva Terra

Photo: Viva Terra

1. Measure your space. Double check the measurements. You should even mark out the size of your desired table on the floor with masking tape. Do not leave the house until you have done this. The worst feeling in the world is to fall in love with a table, bring it home, and find that there isn’t enough room to walk around it.

2. Allow 30-36 inches of space between the table and anything around it, whether it is a wall, a buffet, a cabinet, etc.  This is how much room you need to scoot your chair back or walk through.


3. How many people will typically sit at your table?  Most people are comfortable with about 2 feet of dining space, maybe a little less.  If you have a small family but regularly throw larger dinner parties, consider a table with extensions so that you don’t feel that you are yelling across the table when it is just the few of you.

4. Rectangular tables are much more space efficient than round or oval tables.  There is much less room wasted in the middle (diners only need 14″ depth of space.)  However, round tables are the most conducive to easy conversation with a larger group.  Consider how much space you have and decide accordingly.

5. Dining tops are available in wood, veneer, acrylic, and glass.  Determine the level of durability that your lifestyle requires – think about how often you entertain, how often you actually sit at the table to enjoy a nice meal.

Photo: Mrs. Howard

Photo: Mrs. Howard


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