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Decorating Tricks for the Bedroom

The following are some clever tips and tricks for updating your bedroom.


Create a small sitting area in an empty corner of your room.  A comfy chair will become a beloved spot for you to relax with a good book or a cup of tea, to sit while getting dressed, or to simply reflect at the end of a long day.  If your room is large enough, try incorporating two chairs and a small table; otherwise a small slipper chair will work perfectly.


If you are short on space, mount your bedside lamp from the wall.  You will have more space for your nightstand essentials and if you use a swing arm sconce, you will have the ideal bedtime reading light.


Add visual interest to the room with a piece of furniture placed at an angle.  Try your bed or dresser entering the room from one corner.


A bold comforter or quilt can become the centerpiece of the room.  Everything else can be neutral in a room when there is a graphic, statement comforter to take the center stage.  Choose a print that will carry you year round or vary it according to the seasons.  Add luxurious linens and soft pillows that will make getting into bed a treat.


If a plain wall is asking for something exciting and you don’t have any artwork available, try a beautiful quilt or large piece of fabric.  With a strong graphic print that contrasts with the bedroom wall, there is no need for a more expensive piece of art or headboard.  Coordinate with the bedding for a sophisticated look.


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