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Selecting Flooring for Your Kitchen

If you are building a new house or just renovating your kitchen, one of the big decisions to be made is what type of flooring to put in your kitchen.   Tile, wood, vinyl, and stone are all appropriate choices for different people.  How do you know which is the right one for your home?


While it will not last for generations, vinyl is  a good option for those looking for an option that will be inexpensive and easy to install yourself.  Vinyl can be tricky around the edges and at seams of a pattern.  You will have to take great care to cut very carefully and match the repeat of the pattern perfectly.  Vinyl is best for those looking for an interim flooring that will last them until they are ready to make a bigger investment.


Tile comes in a wide variety of looks.  You can get tile to look like almost any type of stone and in any color imaginable.  Make sure to have a professional installer measure so that you buy the exact amount that you need.  Dye lots can vary in color from day to day and if you come up short, it could be difficult to match your tile on a future trip to the supplier.  Tile is extremely durable and if a tile does become chipped or break, it is possible to replace it.  Installation can be expensive but is worth it because of the precise nature of laying tile patterns.  Glazed tile will stand up to stains much better than unglazed, so it is a better option in the kitchen.


Stone is one of your most durable options for the kitchen, and though it can be expensive and installation must be done by a professional, it will last for generations.  It is a beautiful, timeless look, but is not the best option for children or the elderly because when it becomes wet, it becomes extremely slippery.


Wood is a wonderful option because it can often be carried over from the other rooms in the house and contribute to an open flow throughout your home.  Wood is an extremely strong, durable material that will last the life of your home as long as it is kept in good shape and refinished when necessary.  One of the drawbacks is that it will show wear and tear in the finish in high traffic areas.

Each type of flooring has pros and cons, so it is important to make a decision based on your ability to invest at this time and just how durable of a floor you will need in your kitchen.


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