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double dutch

Dutch doors, which have recently gained popularity, first made an appearance in the Netherlands circa 1600. While initially created to keep animals out and let fresh air in, they serve many purposes in modern day homes. They are a great addition to any home regardless of whether you want it for the functionality or just the aesthetics!


Photo: Coastal Living

Adding a Dutch door is an ideal way to bring the outside into your home.

Photo: House Beautiful

Set your home apart and make the neighbors jealous by adding this distinct look in your entryway.

Photo: Traditional Home

Allowing in fresh air and natural light is only one perk of these doors. Not only do they look beautiful, they open up any space.

Photo: Coastal Living

This gorgeous door adds a little flair to the vintage look of the coastal cottage above.

Photo: Coastal Living

Doors no longer need to be boring; they can accent a room. From the mountains to the coast, it is a worthwhile addition to any home. It’s uniqueness and functionality have stood the test of time and proved that Dutch doors truly are a sound investment.



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