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Pretty in Pink

When many of us think of pink rooms, we think of a ballerina pink for little girls or a hot fuchsia in a tween’s bedroom.  Pink does not have to be childish at all!  In the spirit of the month, we are going to look at pink rooms that are not only grown up, but stylish as well.  To ease into pink, opt for pale shades that can pass as neutrals.   Grays, tans, and whites offset the sweetness of a pink and give it a sophisticated side.  You can also make your pale pink look glamorous with gold accents and shiny mirrors or crystal lamps.  With a bold pink, pair it with black and a little animal print to create an edgy look or contrast it against crisp white.  Use the pictures below as inspiration to incorporate pink and its spirit of youth and vibrancy into your home this February.

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: Ciao Interiors

Photo: Ciao Interiors

Photo: Heather Bien

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: Jonathan Adler

Photo: Jonathan Adler

Tempting Table Settings

It’s hard to believe it’s already November!  Before we know it, we’ll start  shopping and decorating our homes for the holidays, but let’s not forget that wonderful holiday that falls in between Halloween and December.  This year, turn your attention to creating a festive, artfully decorated Thanksgiving table.  Thanksgiving is a wonderful excuse to get creative with the types of decor adorning your tabletop.  Pears, pomegranates, apples, and squash are examples of produce that make beautiful centerpieces when clustered together.  Feathers, acorns, pine cones, twigs, and natural greenery bring a sense of the autumnal outdoors to your dinner table.  Accent these with rustic pottery or create a contrast with shiny silver.  The images below show a variety of looks in rich oranges, browns, yellows, and reds that all reflect the spirit of Thanksgiving and fall decor.

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: Country Living

Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: My Home Ideas

Photo: My Home Ideas

Photo: Martha Stewart Living

Photo: Country Living

Photo: My Home Ideas

Photo: HGTV

Photo: My Home Ideas

Photo: Martha Stewart Living



Ready, Set, Glow!

Winter is right around the corner. Before you know it, we’ll be gathering around the fireplace and cupping something warm and steamy in our hands. A fireplace is the focal point for many rooms, when lit; our eyes are naturally drawn to the dancing flames. This year, why not focus your attention on some of the great fireplace accessories that are currently available.

Ready Set Glow

A fundamental component to any fireplace are the andirons. Andirons are used to lift logs up and away from the floor of the hearth and this is important because it allows air to cir-culate around the logs. Got a roaring fire going? You can thank those andirons.


Andirons have been decorated for millenniums. Throughout history, they presented an opportunity for people to personalize something that was very important to them – the hearth of their home. You have the same opportunity. Take a look at some of the unique and beautiful andirons offered by Arteriors.


Screens are a must if you are concerned that embers might fly out into the room. They are also a good way to disguise an empty fireplace during the off season. Using a fireplace screen becomes an opportunity to introduce a piece of beautiful art into your room.

fireplace screens

The idea is to get a theme going.

gray fireplace

There is something fundamentally satisfying about managing a fire that you have built. Why not invest in a handsome set of tools?

fireplace tools

When lighting a fire in your fireplace, just remember – build it, and they will come. This season, why don’t you and your guests warm up to some well chosen fireplace accessories. Everyone will enjoy the glow!

Back To School

When setting up a desk area for ourselves, there’s a lot that we can learn from our children.




Hang up your own art work.  Seriously!  You’d be surprised what a frame can do for your doodles.




Maps are interesting and informative. These days, maps of all kinds are and fast becoming collectors items. Try hanging a map near your desk area. Who knows, it might change your point of view about a few things.




Want to add some  interest to your desk top?   Get a globe.  The spherical shape is a welcome touch.  Besides, no matter how old you are, spinning a globe is always fun!




This is your classroom. Why not have your own chalkboard?



Learning is no fun without your friends.  Make sure that your pet has a comfy place close to your desk


We never stop learning.  Why not take these few tips from the kids, and make it fun!


Chinese Chippendale


People seem to have a more global outlook these days.  Perhaps that’s why Chinese Chippendale furniture is popping up all over the place.



The design is nothing new, the style goes back to the 1750s and ’60s.  English cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale was so inspired by the beauty of the orient that he began crafting the pieces of furniture that we know today as Chinese Chippendale.



side table


The classic geometric, pattern has been beautifully adapted to beds.




In architecture, it is frequently seen on railings.




The latticework design is as fresh and invigorating today as it has ever been.  Sometimes the easiest way to update the look of your home is to add something that’s old.




Ready to embark on a new adventure?  A good way to begin is with one of these chairs.




Timeless, tried and true, Chinese Chippendale is a wonderful way to add a bit of exotic flair to you décor.


A Warm Welcome

Brass is back!  If you are looking for a simple way to update the look of your home, try adding a little brass.  Nothing warms a room up like a touch of brass and it’s perfectly ok to mix it up with other metals.

Try brass on lighting fixtures.



Or the kitchen sink.




Brass is great for rims and trims.



Brass on the wall may be best of all.



Brass has a way of spreading a little cheer throughout the room.

How sweet it is.


Brass has been gone way too long.  So welcome back!

Why Knot?


Some things have a way of really hanging in there.  Take Macramé for example.  It’s been around since the 13th century.  Arab artisans were the first to begin knotting and weaving yarn into decorative items.  The practice moved throughout Europe and even sailors took it up.  Macramé was quite the rage during the Victorian era, as it was in the 1970’s.  Now it’s back in style and for good reason.  Look at all the things you can do—if you simply tie the knot.



So get a little creative.  Once again, something old has become something new.  And that means, anything is possible!



Down Under

Designing a basement?  Here are a few things to keep in mind.




Ceiling height is frequently an issue.  If that’s the case, keep the floor joists exposed.  This adds a nice architectural touch and it gives the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it actually is.  Keep the joists and the plane above the same color, otherwise it can have a reverse effect.



You have a lot of it in the basement.  Wall space may be at a premium  in the rest of the house but not down here.  There are few windows or doors to break up the vertical planes.  Take advantage of this.  Attractive open shelving keeps the basement functional while breathing  interest into it visually.




The lack of natural light in a basement can actually work for you.  Use a combination of lighting fixtures, recessed cans, wall sconces, hanging pendants and firelight.  Now you have full control and you can really dictate the mood of the room.




Stairs with open risers are a good choice when space is limited, and it gives you the opportunity to get a little creative.



So bring out the best in your basement.  It has a way of bringing out the best in you!



Unordinary Ottomans


Ottomans have come a long way.  They started off as simple footstools.   Now when you put them in a room, they become the center of attention.  How did ottomans get to be so popular?  It helps to get along well with others.  See the photos below, there are many interesting ways that ottomans can be combined with other pieces of furniture.



This is an ottoman that you can find anywhere.  Put a slipcover on it and leave the legs exposed.  It has a way of  leading you on to believe that a very fine piece of furniture is underneath.



Instead of a sofa and a love seat combination, try placing an ottoman next to your cocktail table.



Or place the ottoman under a cocktail table.



Try a single ottoman with a pair of small tables on either side.



A pair of matching ottomans is interesting, especially when used with two different style sofas.



Or get back to basics.  What could better than a lovely ottoman and two chairs set front of a fireplace?



Simply Sweet


Want to keep some magic in your home all year long?


Try using Red & White.


The palette is brisk, refreshing, crisp and clean.



Don’t be afraid to call them in.


A little red and white go a long way.  See for yourself.  It’s a surefire way to brighten up any room!